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Just give us a call at 214.607.3030!

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We photograph all ages from newborns to adults. However, your child must be between the ages of newborn to 16 to be eligible as a participant in our Annual Charity Calendar special benefiting Kidds Kids. Our calendar last year featured children of all ages from 0 to 16. The girls will be transformed into enchanted fairies, boys into mighty warriors, and then transported into a magical forest right before your eyes!
For adult sessions we offer a sitting fee of $200 per person and is available as a credit towards anything on our menu.

6121 W. Park Blvd Plano TX 75093 – We are conveniently located inside the Shops at Willow Bend mall in Plano.
Google Maps GPS link is:
The easiest place to park is either near the Food Court entrance or Neiman Marcus. Once you enter, head straight into the mall until you see elevators straight ahead. Take the elevators to the Upper Level and turn right. We are across from Banana Republic.

The easiest place to park is either near the Food Court entrance or Neiman Marcus. Once you enter, head straight into the mall until you see elevators straight ahead. Take the elevators to the Upper Level and turn right. We are across from Banana Republic.

To ensure a magical experience for all the families that visit Enchanted Fairies to do a portrait session or to view their images, we hold appointments every hour on the hour. We ask that you arrive within 15 minutes of your appointment time to avoid rescheduling.

As a small family business, we ask that you reschedule at least one week before your appointment. If you cancel within the one week window, you will lose your gift portrait so please contact us at 214 607 3030 at your earliest convenience to be rescheduled.

Yes! Bookings with our studio can go fast! To be kept up to date with any and all cancellations, add your name below.

For your convenience, once you are booked in, our system will automatically take you off the list.

We are open 7 days a week from 10am to 9pm except Sundays on which we are open from 10am to 7pm.

Booking is easy! Our live calendar is here. You can book right through our calendar, and get up to date reminders via email and text.

Each child is different and thus requires a custom and sensitive approach. All of our Portrait Artists are trained on how to assist our special needs guests through their portrait session to make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

Our involvement with Kidd’s Kids, our partner charity, is something very close to our hearts and we are a studio that welcomes all children regardless of situation. Upon booking, please drop us a note, or call us and let us know how we can best present ourselves and our talents to best suit your child.
At Enchanted Fairies we firmly believe laughter and smiles truly are the best things in life, and we aim to provide a magical experience your child will not soon forget.

We know an outing to a portrait studio with little ones can sometimes be daunting. That is why we aim to make our studio a hassle-free, smooth, and fun experience.
We provide ALL the costumes, wings, accessories, and props for your storybook session. When booking let us know if you will be adding an All Access Day Pass to Glimmer, our in studio salon. If styling hair yourself please have it done before arriving for your portrait session. For girls, make sure they have a pair of shorts to wear under the dress.
For teens and older, please be sure to call ahead or bring your own special sparkle outfit. Since our specialty is children’s portraiture, our wardrobe can sometimes be limited in these sizes.

For our beautiful fairies, we have all the colors of the rainbow! 15 colors to choose from and 7 sizes of each color means we are sure to have in stock your child’s size.
For our brave warriors we carry our signature archer look with earth toned pants, lace up warrior shirt and dark huntsman vest.
For teens and older, please be sure to call ahead or bring your own special sparkle outfit. Since our specialty is children’s portraiture, our wardrobe can sometimes be limited in these sizes.
If you have specific questions about sizing or availability, call us at 214 607 3030.

Our masterful Portrait Artists! Mentored by Dan Gutier, our world renowned creator of the Enchanted Fairies concept and Master Portrait Artist, our team of thoughtful, energetic, storytelling and theatrical Portrait Artists will work with your children to create beautiful works of art.

We will be exploring franchising and licensing options for our trademarked and patent-pending concepts in 2017 in various markets. Please send an inquiry for serious consideration here:

    Our online voting for our annual calendar happens from October 1st to October 31st 11:59:59PM CST. It can get very exciting at the very last minutes so be sure to refresh the page as we count down to what will be an exciting finish!

    Take a look at our signature fairy colors and warrior look on our gallery below!

    A session usually lasts about 30 minutes per child. With 15 minutes beforehand to get dressed, walk the red carpet and 15 minutes afterwards to get some commemorative snapshots, we like to book about 1 hour per child. Booking is easy by clicking here and checking out our availability.

    Most definitely! Please take a peek below 🙂 When you arrive for your portrait session please let your Portrait Artist know your fairy would love to wield a sword or bow an arrow!

    Glimmer hair and makeup is $49 for the first child, $25 for any additional. Glimmer is exclusively available to our Enchanted Fairies clients with a session appointment. In order to take advantage of this, just arrive 30 minutes earlier than your session time with clean dry hair. If you would like to do just hair or just make up, it is half off the regular price.
    Our talented Glimmer stylists create our signature fairy look featuring beautiful bouncing curls that last 24 hours, a custom combination of bright shimmery ombre eyes, a touch of mascara, light bashful blush, shimmery lip gloss, and finished off with fairy perfume, magical pixie dust, and one of our beautiful hand crafted flower halos.
    Our Glimmer signature look is both age appropriate and suitable for a nice day out.

    You will pay in studio and checkout at the end of your portrait session experience for Glimmer. Glimmer hair and make up is $49 for the first child, $25 for any additional.

    Because sessions book fast, give us a call at 214 607 3030 to book groups larger than 4 children.

    Yes, we know sometimes things come up and you would rather cancel than reschedule. Just give us a call at 214 607 3030 and have your name that we have on file ready.

    Our helpful portrait consultants!
    Keep in mind that 10% of our Masterpiece collections sales are donated to Kidd’s Kids along with 100% of our sitting fees, calendar sales, and online voting portion for our calendar.

    One per household.*
    With your $25 donation per child to Kidd’s Kids you will receive one complimentary portrait session, one complimentary Limited Edition 8×10 Enchanted Portrait per household donated by the Enchanted Fairies and an entry to our Annual Kingdom Calendar contest. 100% of the proceeds benefit Kidd’s Kids.
    It is our mission to raise funds for charitable organizations that positively enrich children’s lives right in our North Texas backyard. We do that by donating 100% of our sitting fees, 100% of our annual calendar sales, and 100% of the online voting portion for the calendar. We also donate 10% of sales of our Masterpiece collection to these wonderful charities. Through our efforts we have so far donated an estimated $485,832.86 in cash donations as of 10/5/2016 and that number grows daily. It is a source of pride for our team members and clients alike.
     The magical portraiture session and the complimentary 8X10 for the group is something we donate our time, talents, efforts, artistic abilities and resources to give to you as our gift of gratitude for donating to Kidd’s Kids.
    *Due to the nature of our fundraising efforts in which we donate 100% of our sitting fees, this special not be combined with other offers and children are only eligible to take advantage of this special once a calendar year!

    It is the exact same special, the big difference is instead of the $25 fee going to Groupon, 100% of those proceeds would benefit Kidd’s Kids. If you are a Groupon-er please take a look at our availability here and give us a call at 214 607 3030 to help you book your magical journey at our studio!

    Each year Kidd’s Kids sponsors approximately 50 children and their families (including siblings between the ages of 5 and 16) for an unforgettable Walt Disney World trip. All aspects of the trip are coordinated by Kidd’s Kids. All funds raised go directly to cover the cost of sending the children and their families to Walt Disney World®, administrative expenses of Kidd’s Kids, and to sustain an endowment fund for the purpose of providing long-term growth and stability for the charitable programs of the Kraddick Foundation.

    *Due to the nature of our fundraising efforts for Kidd’s Kids in which we donate 100% of our sitting fees, this Groupon special not be combined with other offers and children are only eligible to take advantage of this Groupon special once a calendar year!

    For last year’s calendar event we had the privilege of donating over $200,000 to Kidd’s Kids. This year from sessions alone, we’ve been able to donate another $50,000! We are so excited for online voting to kick off what will be a thrilling fundraising event.
    Votes are $1 each with a $5 minimum per transaction and 100% of proceeds will benefit Kidd’s Kids.
    If participating, you will receive an email with your personalized voting link. You will be able to share this with friends and family via Facebook, email, etc. People can vote as many times as they like before voting closes on October 31st, 2016 at 11:59:59PM CST.
    The top vote getter and Grand Prize Winner will win a package worth over $20,000. You read that right! The prize this year is valued at TWICE the amount of last year! The top 13 families with the most votes will be featured in the Enchanted Fairies 2017 Calendar benefitting Kidd’s Kids. The 1 family with the most votes will be featured as the cover of the calendar and win a $20,000 prize package.
     Your children must have their portrait session and portrait premiere with our studio before online voting begins.
    Just like last year, all links and children’s entries are entirely private and do not share sensitive information about your child or family.

    You can view our portraits menu here: For further support or to inquire about our payment plans, give us a call at 214 607 3030.

    Yes! We are a family business and offer in house financing and payment plans with no credit check or interest. Payment plans are a really great way to get exactly what you want. We have many families taking advantage of our payment plans for this holiday season for gifts for friends and family.
    Upon full payment, we process your artwork which can take 6 to 8 weeks to commission. Please inquire about our current turnaround time!

    Fantastic question! Just have them give us a ring and list your name to schedule a ‘Premiere’ appointment where they will be treated to a cinematic experience in floor to ceiling HD in our beautiful cinema rooms. Featuring surround sound, beautiful music stylings of various artists, and a gorgeous enchanted slideshow, it is something we recommend the entire family come and enjoy.

    Grandparents regularly thank us for being able to view them in such large scale and book additional Premiere appointments just to experience it one more time.

    We usually run on a 6 to 8 week turnaround time from full payment to deliverable goods. Please inquire about our current turnaround time as we may be on a faster schedule!
    From the moment you entrust us with your family’s memory, only one artist will handle your order from start to finish before getting a quality control revision. Our special fx artists take their time and do not rush the extensive and meticulous art work involved in retouching and adding the magic. Each ordered image takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete. After full artistry is done, our artists send your beautiful art pieces to print at our trusted professional laboratory, and pack your order with love and care.
    Keep in mind, oil paintings may have a different turnaround due to the extensive commissioning of artwork involved.

    Due to our high booking demand, it can be a challenge finding a same day slot to view images unless we book out far ahead of time. If you are interested in a same day experience please reach out and call us at 214 607 3030 to ensure we can meet your needs.

    Yes, of course! Be sure to call us at 214 607 3030 at your soonest availability to ensure prompt service.

    We have thousands of families visit our studio each and every year. Images ordered from our studio will be kept on our servers for a lifetime, all other images will be deleted at the end of the day after you’ve placed an order for artwork for your home.

    Of course! Be sure to call us from the phone number we have on file and give us the name of who will pick up and we will make sure to add them as an authorized pick up person!

    Of course! We pack our portraits VERY carefully! And we can ship them to you for $20. That being said, we offer complimentary shipping for your artpieces when you order anything additional from our portraits menu.
    Certain items like USB slideshows, and framed pieces, we try not to ship and if shipped may incur further charges to ensure they arrive safely because of their delicate nature. Please ask us for information regarding specific products.

    We would love to! The secret to living is giving. Please contact us below to let us know a bit about your organization, your event and its mission, and to inquire on what exciting packages we can offer to your donors.

      While its exact blend is a secret as it was blended specifically for Enchanted Fairies, it is a beautifully light botanical mix of white tea, thyme, and jasmine notes.

      Please contact us here.

        Our manager will carefully review your request and give you further support as needed!

        While we do not have any openings right now, we are always on the lookout for talented, positive and driven artists looking for growth and to take their career to the next level. Our interviewing process can be meticulous and last for several months to ensure a culture fit. Our high standards are to provide our clients with the highest quality upscale experience in studio and onwards.
        If you would like to be considered for a position, please send us some information below: