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Welcome to our magical world!

Enchanted Fairies is your child’s new favorite can't-stop-talking-about-it experience & storybook fine art portrait studio —all in one magical place.

"A wild adventure overflowing with fun and boundless imagination."
5 stars
Enchanted Fairies has raised over $2 million in cash donations for children's charities as of 2023.
$1M Donated


our philosophy

We make children feel beautiful and powerful.

 Kids today are faced with a constant pressure their parents never knew as children: the pressure of social media and a world that is moving so fast. Experts say kids are growing up with more self-consciousness and anxiety about fitting in.

Nothing best communicates to your child how loved, beautiful and confident they are than when they grow up seeing themselves on the walls of their home. 
In fact, many studies have linked life-long confidence to growing up with positive visuals of themselves.

"It’s never too early or too late to build life long self-esteem.”
It is our mission to make sure each child can fall asleep to a beautiful handcrafted story featuring themselves as the hero of their own story; and wake up to a portrait that shows how beautiful they are inside and out before starting their day. After all, confidence is the key to success.

We know nothing is more important to you.

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limited sessions

Enchanted Fairies™ sessions are invite only in select locations. Due to high demand, you must be on the invite list to be first in line for these limited edition magical sessions.


dreams take flight

Perhaps the most rewarding part of an Enchanted Fairies™ session happens when years down the line, the images we capture today are the most cherished memories of a childhood long gone.


the reviews

Curious about what an Enchanted Fairies™ experience is like? Read the very latest on what past guests have said about the magical exerience.

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