Do You Want a Harvest Fairy Session Invite?

This is a very special holiday season and we wanted to do something special to celebrate our 5th year anniversary of bringing magic to life with our little guests. Harvest Fairies are coming to Enchanted Fairies! Session details found below!

Our story began on Thanksgiving of 2012. A special day meant for giving thanks, rejoicing in what we have sowed and cherishing memories of old. This night was unlike any of the others, however, while gathered around a kitchen table Daniel (our head photographer) looked in every way distracted, distraught almost. His sister (my now wife) asked him what was the matter.

In detail he described his life, one that was centered on serving his clients, he was doing more and more photo sessions and had a very respected studio that had worked hand in hand with charitable organizations like Children’s Medical Center, Frisco Family Services and Jonathan’s Place to raise funds for children in the DFW metroplex. A studio that had moved from a 300 sq ft studio in a flea market to a shared space with a photographer. It was this humble studio which many would come from far and wide to visit. It was a blessed life and one he was grateful for, but then he quieted to a lengthy pause.

He simply said “I know I can impact more families, and more children.” His eyes were filled with hope and moist from the emotion he had been holding back.

From that first sentence, he spilled into what can only be described as a whirlwind of imagination and a dreamscape of wonder. He grabbed a notepad and sketched idea after idea, concept after concept, and his enthusiasm was contagious. Pretty soon I was joining in on his dream and adding in how I could help make this a reality for his guests and benefit even more kids. My wife sat back and journaled a few of her own ideas, careful to not interrupt the lightning fast back and forth exchange that was happening between us.

As the home emptied and relatives started to say their good byes and packing up their pumpkin pie slices to take home, we were in the zone. Really getting into the details of how we could grow this into something each and every child that visited his studio could go back to school and share their magical experience and talk about how their participation was helping families in their community. Marrying the art of photography with good will, and creating a movement of wonderful family values. Something we all agreed was much needed in the media environment constantly engulfing children at the time.

It was now 4am. Our talk was interrupted by someone asking if we’d like to join them for a Black Friday Sale. We declined. We sat back and I was fully invested in making his dream a reality. It was then my wife spoke up, stealing the words from my lips “I will quit my job and work for you Daniel, to make this happen” without a thought or shared discussion I agreed. Daniel sat back in gratitude. “We can make this magical place happen, I know we can!”

It is now 5 years later and we have been fortunate enough to have met some special kids and with their participation, have raised $600,319.14 for organizations like Kidd’s Kids and North Texas Food Bank.

But the money isn’t what is truly important, what is important are the families that have been able to go to Disney World with their family and their son or daughter impacted by a terminal or life-altering condition, it is the family that was able to enjoy a warm meal on Thanksgiving, or the child that has a session with us and transforms her self-confidence. This is what matters.

This is why this holiday season we are introducing Limited Edition Harvest Fairy magical photo sessions. We want to celebrate all the things that make this season so great, from community events like fall festivals, pumpkin patches, cornucopias reminding us of the abundance in our lives, and the warmth of family gathering around the table. This is truly a special time when we put all of our differences aside and celebrate our love for each other.

How Do Harvest Fairy Sessions Work?

When you donate $25 per child to Kidd’s Kids before October 1st, 2017 we will gift you One complimentary Harvest Fairy Portrait Session and One Limited Edition 10″ Harvest Fairy Portrait. Limit One 8×10 per household. 100% of proceeds from these sessions benefit kids who are terminally ill and special needs.

All costumes, props, and accessories are provided by the studio.

When will these Harvest Fairy Sessions be Released?

Spaces are limited. You will be able to book your Harvest Fairy Session next Friday, September 1st. If you want to get a chance to be one of the VERY FIRST to book one of these exclusive sessions, sign up for our waiting list.

September 1st, Really? Can I Book a Harvest Fairy Session Before Then?

Anyone who is a part of the waiting list for these sessions will receive an email the DAY BEFORE on Thursday, August 31st and the opportunity to secure one of these Harvest Fairy Sessions before they are gone. You can sign up here:

With your help, we have been blessed to help Kidd’s Kids and Caroline Kraddick make a Teen Trip possible. A spin-off of the main Kidd’s Kids trip, it will now be possible to take teens with a life-threatening condition on a 6-day trip to Disney World, Sea World, and Give Kid’s the World Village in Orlando.

On behalf of everyone here at Enchanted Fairies, we thank you so much for helping to keep the magic of this world alive and your support for kids who face great odds and meet them with bravery and strength.

God Bless!