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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Sleigh bells ring are you listening?! It IS the most magical time of the year and it will be here before you know it! With our thoughtful and timeless Christmas sets, your children will take a scenic stroll in our custom designed ‘Winter Wonderland’ icy snow-capped forest and uncover the ‘Magic of Christmas’ in our cozy, nostalgia-filled indoor set warmed by a yule log.

Our jolly adventures begin in our icicle decked forest playing North Pole games like throwing plush snowballs among the evergreens and holding the magical Ice Queen Staff of power. Sleigh bells ring and the sounds of the season come alive when our fairies and warriors get to climb into Santa’s luxurious sleigh and take a peak at his gift bag overflowing with Christmas magic! Rudolph makes an epic appearance in a hopeful visit to your little fairy to bestow some of her special pixie dust magic so he can fly across the sky. Your child could even have an opportunity to feed, ride Rudolph and do a special ‘take off’ pose inside of St. Nick’s sleigh.

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The Magic of Christmas

After a spellbinding day of frosty wonderland adventures outside, its time for the fairies and winter warriors to come in and enjoy a seat on our Christmas Throne by a warm fire.

The Magic of Christmas set is all about those magical candle-lit Christmas nights filled with wide-eyed wonder and music-box melodies. These are the memories we hold dear to our heart of staying up late, reading Christmas books by a crackling fire, and awaiting Santa with milk and cookies surrounded by golden lights, ornaments and lush decor. Our Christmas throne is the coziest seat in the house and will enchant all who sit there. Of course, no winter’s night is complete without a sneak peak into Santa’s magic, when we open our first gifts full of Christmas magic and we capture beautiful faces aglow!

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When we release our Winter Wonderland and Magic of Christmas sessions there will ONLY be 100 initially available.

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